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Rental fleet generally includes Excavators, Graders , Back hoe loaders, Loaders, cranes, forklifts, pavers and other related assets. Just call us for all your equipment needs for your project and our team will cater the best solution at the right budget enhancing your profits straightaway.

Piling Rig(4),Crawler Crane(6), Motor Grader(1),Excavator(4),Air Compressor(20),

Diesel Generator(15),Soil Compactor(1),Tandem Roller(3),PTR Roller(2),Baby Roller(3),

Dozer(12),Skid Steer Loader(10), JCB Loader(2),ROC drill(2),Lighting mast(3),Piling tools & accessories(100),

Diaphragm pump(3),Desander(1),Welding Set(20),Water tank  Max.55000 ltr.(12),Mixing pump Max 55 hp(8),

Vertical pump 15 hp(20)


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